Dear Departed Friend: Farewell Sugar Moms


Dear Departed Friend,

As fast as time moves, we selfishly always think we’ll have more. But the truth is that everything is finite, and the saddest among us are left with words unsaid.

My world stopped this morning when I heard you were gone. Others were there and I’m glad you had a hand to hold in the end, but I’m beside myself that I never got to give the goodbye that you deserve.

You were so kind to me. Unassuming and warm, filled with quirks and flaws that only made me love you more. You’ve been a part of my life for so long and there are things I will never forget.

Not everyone loved the way you would leave your dirty magazines around the bathroom, but I found it honest and endearing.

I wish you would have let me play your piano, but I understand why you didn’t. You more than made up for it with your hospitality, always leaving candy and toys out when we came over.

You were always there to lend an ear for all occasions. We would talk about love and life, comfortably nestled on your worn couch. New friends would be amazed by your bumper cars, but I always felt I knew you better than that.

I’ve introduced you to every important woman in my life since I was eighteen, because I knew how charming you were. To love me would be to love you. I even introduced you to the less important ones, until we decided those girls were better taken somewhere else.

All our late nights race through my mind today. The ones where we stacked PBRs along the wall, jumping frogs and spinning tops. I even remember the times when you used to invite me over for lunch. You knew Perogies were the way to my heart.

We would blast The Menzingers and The Animals. Sink into a good INXS tune and know this was only for us. I always admired your taste in music, and was thankful you shared.

In the end I guess I could have seen this coming. You became less available, only willing to see me on Fridays and Saturdays. You changed your name. You invited over some sketchy college kids, flat brims and bad attitudes. But I knew none of it wasn’t your choice. You were just trying to survive in a changing world.

With all the times you’ve been there for me, I wish I could have been there for you. Life is short and time is finite, but our memories will live forever.

Goodnight Sugar Moms.



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