This ‘Ages And Ages’ Song Will Change Your Day


I get it. The chill of winter has taken residence deep inside your bones. They sky is grey, your fingers numb, the holidays weighing on you like a fresh new barometer of loneliness. It’s hard out there kiddo.

You know what you need?

A song that will make you infinite.

This first came to my attention via the folks at “All Songs Considered“:

The polar opposite of Death Grips, Ages and Ages is a joyful chamber pop group that’s been through a lot in the last few years. The bands new album is called Divisionary, and this song, “Do The Right Thing” has a chorus you’ll be singing all day.

Ages And Ages out of Portland have crafted a theme song for resilience. It’s beautiful, catchy, and just what you need in your world.

[spotify id=”spotify:track:7LrCZ6M0lyNmQ9YqZ6NbH5″ width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

The album doesn’t drop in full until March 25th, 2014…just in time for you to be completely thawed out and ready. In the meantime check out their first album “Alright You Restless” here under the name AgesandAges. Before they found the space bar.

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