Reunited: Outkast To Tour In 2014


Can ya dig it? This from REVOLT:

In news that proves dreams most certainly do come true and every once in a while prayers (and many, many tweets) are answered, REVOLT can now reveal Outkast will be reuniting in 2014 for performances across the US.

The shows will mark the duo’s first appearances onstage together since 2004, with sources telling REVOLT to expect the Atlanta group to rock multiple festival dates in the coming year. Though details are scant (the members’ secretive nature keeps even our sources tight-lipped), we’re told the reunion is currently set to exist solely in the live setting, with no new album plans in sight, for now.

This is pretty exciting news for anybody who bumped “The Love Below” through High School or College. It might even be exciting for your Dad who thinks “Hey Ya” is “fun“.

Outkast is a curious case, at least from my standpoint of a suburban white youth coming of age throughout their career.

In 1996 they were deep hip hop when ATLiens gave us “Elevators“, they were indie and hip in 1998 when Aquemini gave us “Rosa Parks“, and in 2000 they exploded in TRL fashion with “B.O.B” and Stankonia.

All of this is eclipsed by “Hey Ya” which made them the biggest thing in the world…and for a long time. People would often “shake it like a Polaroid picture.”

In fact, they kind of brought back Polaroid pictures!

But then the balloon burst. An ill-advised movie and soundtrack never really registered under the Outkast banner, and both proved to be more successful in their own endeavors.

All this being said, an Outkast tour is exciting. I’m just curious who will be standing next to me at the show.

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