New Music Tuesday: Sleigh Bells Unwraps “Bitter Rivals”


I like to think that in her younger years, Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells was a black-clad high school outsider who carved Misfits logos into her desk, and rolled eyes at “The Plastics“. Until one day she accidentally killed the Head Cheerleader…thus consuming her soul, and of course leading to a lifetime of pep squad dark noise pop anthems.

That might be exaggerated, but Krauss and Derek Edward Miller have built a brand that’s more Mutant League Football than Jock Jams.

Their latest effort was announced early this morning in a tweet.

The result is another crunchy anthem with a dash of Charles Dickens and mid-tempo bounce.

The album drops October 8th. I’m sure you’ll see more news here this week, and you can add this song to your SpotifyShoshanna Jams” playlist here.

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