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Paul McCartney Is Adorable, And Other Examples Of Elder Awesomeness


While you’re Instagramming a Tweet about your Tinder, it’s easy to forget how important Paul McCartney is in the world of music. Most roads lead back to Sir Paul and this little band called The Beatles.

For the first time in a long time, Mr. McCartney has a wonderful song that echoes classic Fab Four with “New“, which brings with it high hopes for the album released October 15th.

There’s an adorable video of Paul doing a impromptu performance of “New” released this week. It’s most likely staged, but I like to think that this is how his life works. In my mind McCartney hits the alarm every morning singing “A Day In The Life“, stumbling into the bathroom to “drag the comb across his head“.

Elsewhere, Prince is still the baddest mother-father in a blouse. Last month, he featured Dave Chappelle on the cover of his single “Breakfast Can Wait“, which is nearly as cool as having a song called “Breakfast Can Wait“.

This month, he followed up with a great guest spot on Janelle Monae‘s “The Electric Lady“, and a lovely congratulations on her success.

In this video from Revolt TV chronicling the release of “The Electric Lady“, Prince sends Monae a singing telegram with reworked lyrics from “Kiss“. Watch the whole thing to see the amazing Monae, or skip to the 2 minute mark for Prince’s singing sentiment.

Finally, if you missed this in April like I did, please enjoy Huey Lewis dressed as Patrick Bateman killing Weird Al. Watch it in honor of the news that Bateman will soon be coming to a TV near you. Or watch it again because it’s HUEY LEWIS DRESSED AS PATRICK BATEMAN KILLING WEIRD AL!