The Week In Music: Get To Know Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert

Perhaps it’s because I finally finished “Orange Is The New Black” this week, but I’ve been very in touch with the female condition lately. It’s hard out here ladies.

Robin Thicke dropped his full album this week, buoyed by a “rapey” single. What rhymes with “hug me”?…criminal court.

Flo Rida and Pitbull dropped a song dedicated to seeing white girl asses, and Aluna Francis of Alunageorge had to wonder out loud if “this papers all I got to keep you with me“. Good grief sisters.

Elsewhere in the universe stands Mary Lambert.

You may know Lambert from her touching hook on Macklemore‘s “Same Love“, which is still five of the most important minutes of music you’ll hear on a radio this year. She too is from Seattle and writes songs dripping with emotion and honesty. This week she released a fleshed out version of her “Same Love” spot called “She Keeps Me Warm

It’s beautiful, and you can only hope that this does for her what “Stan” did for Dido.

However this is still just a touch of the true talent of Lambert. To really get a full force experience of this gifted songwriter I beg you to go back to her EP “Letters Don’t Talk“. It dropped 3 months before you ever heard the name Macklemore and features a song that has fully exploded my mind. “I Know Girls” is a Luhrmann-esqe call to the women of our time in a raw, naked state.

I want to share this with every man and woman I meet. It’s sincerity gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it.

Go forth women of America and know that you are a god damn tree stump with leaves sprouting out. Till next time.

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