The Week In Music: In Remembrance Of A Genre


Holy New Jersey Batman! Lots of new music this week.

I’m tempted to write this whole post aboutBirthdayby Selena Gomez. I have a lot of thoughts on it. The Avril-like shouts, the “jazz it up” innocence, the dark chugging undercurrent. It makes me want to go to a Bachelorette party. In fact I’m wearing a sash as I type this, but I’ll share those thoughts some other time.

Instead, there’s a return of some niche genres this week that I’ve missed and would like to hip you to. For example.

(From Urban Dictionary)

Frat Rapa form of hip hop that is usually based on the party scene of college. Often about drugs, alcohol, and sex. mostly white rappers

Are you trying to fill the hole in your world that Asher Roth has left? Take a look at Wallpaper. Wallpaper is Ricky Reed, among others, who’s full length album of clever-crafted pop songs is perfect for the flip-flop and snap-back set. The secret is…the songs are fun for grown-ass men too! Bonus points for the lyric, “I’m your first French kiss, since you came out the closet“. Macklemore would be pleased. If “Last Call” isn’t closing out every McFadden’s in the country tonight, then I’ve lost faith in Bro Culture.

(From Urban Dictionary)

Backpack RapperPerson who raps about real life shit that matters and has experienced, rarely about pimping hoes/having millions/selling immense amounts of drugs/murdering random people for no apparent reason or motive. Person who is true to himself while rapping and uses his head and heart to write not only a pen and meaningless words.

I know right? I miss “College Dropout” era Kanye too. In a summer that’s been highlighted by some massive Hip Hop albums, it’s nice to get surprised by someone. Enter Classified (pictured above). He’s Canadian and has been in the game for a-boot forever, but he just popped on to my radar this week. Perhaps it’s the same for you. No Twerk here, just solid beats and some heart. I dig it.

(From Urban Dictionary)

Hardcore –  A branch of underground/indie music influenced by faster abrasive punk rock. Originating in the early 80’s as a variant of punk rock, hardcore evolved to a modern sound that can be compared to non commercial metal.

Ok, so Hardcore didn’t go anywhere. Far from it. But I certainly fell off it. I mean, my Selena Gomez infatuation is where we started. But I perked up at “The Difference Between Hell And Home“, the new album from Counterparts. Still from Canada EH! But, this comes via Victory Records, which is the sign of a good time. It’s aggressive, raw, melodic and sprawling. Probably not for fans of the previously mentioned, but it’s a great place to get lost in.

If you hate all that, there’s new Icona Pop this week. So there! We can cry about it or we can dance about it. The choice is yours McFadden’s.

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