The Week In Music: Boy, The New Pearl Jam Song Sounds Really Familiar


On November 8th, 1994 Pearl Jam blew my face off with the lead single from their 3rd album “Vitalogy“. It was about a year after I waited at Tower Records for “Vs.”. It was months after “Daughter” first forced its way into every corner of the culture, peaking at No. 28 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart. It was on that day that Pearl Jam unloaded 2 minutes and 47 seconds of punk rock throwdown with “Spin The Black Circle

“Vitalogy” was an important album for Pearl Jam and for me as an impressionable 11-year-old. And in the years since Pearl Jam has veered in many different directions. Some well received, some I pretty much ignored (I’m looking at you “Riot Act“). But I find it interesting that 19 years later Pearl Jam releases a single that echoes the same in-your-face, basement show sweat soaked grit as “Spin The Black Circle” all those years ago.

I hear a lot of similarities in “Mind Your Manners“, and it has me very excited for “Lightning Bolt” to drop in October. It has me excited about Pearl Jam in way that I haven’t been since they closed a building.


If you are looking to “set it off” this weekend, or just dance at your desk try this new throwback from Eli Paperboy Reed, or this banger from Tinie Tempah.

Like Passion Pit? Well Smallpools put out a self-titled EP this week that likes them too.

Perhaps you saw them open for San Cisco this week at Johnny Brendas. Oh, San Cisco you say? From “down UNDAH”, these guys play tight indie pop custom-built for the summer, with a drummer that’s worth the google search, and even more worth the price of a ticket to see her kill it. Check out their new album here. G’Day!

I hope you have a Lil’ Wanye filled weekend. Stay on it all night like porch lights.

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