Anthony Weiner Resigns…Thanks For The Memories

I’m glad to see that Weinergate ended just as maturely as it began. Today Rep. Anthony Weiner announced his resignation while shouts of “were you fully aroused?” and “are you more than seven inches” rang out. And with that, a three week obsession comes to an end.

This was really the perfect storm, and something we may never witness again. It’s like a fourth grader wrote it for a creative writing class. Of course his name was Weiner. Of course he took pictures of it. And of course he sent a message talking about his package. The whole thing is an Officer Jack Meoff away from being complete.

It is with no doubt that this decision was based on the return of his pregnant wife from an Africa trip with Hillary Clinton. But it does serve as an important barometer for powerful men. If you’re at President status…they’ll probably hang in there. Just a Congressman…not so much.

Anthony Weiner not only proved that we are more interested as a nation in dick jokes than the economy, but also that pictures of your junk will do nothing but get you laughed at. Find me the guy who’s junk picture paved the way to success. It’s silly, it’s weird looking, and it can only get you in trouble.

These past three weeks and the name Weiner has been the Country Time Lemonade of comedy. A good old fashion memory with an odd aftertaste. For that I say “Kudos To You

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