A Day At Wizard World

Fueling up to the Proton Pack with a Roast Beef sandwich. This gentlemen kept the cafe in the back of The Pennsylvania Convention Center safe from Slimer and all other ghosts of Wizard World’s past.

Wizard World is a must experience for any true geek out there. An explosion of comic goodness that has embraced all things nerdy that have entered into the geekmosphere along the way. Still the only place where you can purchase a Rebel Alliance shot glass, a bootleg copy of Doug on DVD, and stand next to Boba Fett at the urinal.

A few things though distracted me from this year’s festive vibe.

– Watching Lou Ferrigno quietly read a Hulk comic while he waits for autograph seekers. Lou has become a veteran of “The Con” and has probably over saturated the market at this point. However it was funny with a tinge of sadness watching his giant hands handle the tiny pages of the comic.

– Seeing the giant man in the Chewbacca costume posing with real-life Chewbacca star Peter Mayhew. That moment most likely forced one of the oddest dry cleaning situations ever for that guy, but that sad part was seeing Mayhew roll out from the behind the table in a wheelchair after the picture. I blame Lando, who was conveniently not there at the time.

– Finally, this guy…

All the credit in the world goes to this guy, but I worry about the safety of Gotham.

Wizard World continues all weekend. All the details HERE.


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