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The Week In Music: Miley Cyrus And The Song Of Summer

Miley Cyrus We Cant Stop

I’ve never danced with “Molly”, and never ever have I done a “line in the bathroom”…but I AM “turnt up” enough to know that Miley Cyrus has released the early favorite for “song of the summer”. “We Can’t Stop” is perfect! Just enough hip hop and EDM without turning off the old folks, just enough drugs and homegirl asses to make suburban white kids feel dangerous. She’s evolving! They’ve learned how to open doors! Hold on to your butts!

For serious, this song will be blaring out of every stereo and boardwalk t-shirt shop you can find this summer. You can fight it, but for the same reasons that “We Are Young” from Fun. was huge, “We Can’t Stop” will touch every corner of your summer.

Now if you’re saying “Bro, I’m not listening to Miley Cyrus…I got squats to do and I’m not a chick”, I would say “Thanks for reading Roy Hibbert, here’s a few things that might better fit your sensitive palate”.

There’s a couple of albums this week that are worth it.

Queens Of The Stone Age dropped “…Like Clockwork” which is a lot of fun. More fun than I expected. Just a solid rock album in crunchy 70’s fashion, perfect for long drives. It’s a little dramatic at times, but it never gets too far away from the steering-wheel-drumming vibe. My standout track is “The Vampyre Of Time And Memory“.

Meanwhile, I don’t know if you have plans to be a stowaway on a railroad car this summer, but Houndmouth‘s “From The Hills Below The City” would be the perfect soundtrack. If not, maybe just pour a glass of whiskey and enjoy this dose of Americana. This is The Lumineers with a little more grit, with shades of The Band. But neither mention “freebasing” or “whips and chains” in their songs.

Also this week a new twist on Portugal. The Man with a little help from Danger Mouse, a hot single from Jadakiss, and a dance-your-face-off song off the Capital Cities album with a dose of Andre 3000. Enjoy!