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I hate to sound like the “get off my lawn” old guy but I am having trouble wrapping my head around the Occupy Wall Street movement. Ok, we’re protesting greed and the powerful….but how do you win? I get Union Strikes with a list of demands. Those are sit-ins with an exact end game. But this Occupy Wall Street has no real goal except “hear our cry, and by the way, walk around our unshowered bodies”. I’m all for firing up the morality cannons and sticking it to the “fat cats” but I need a Point A and Point B. For the same reason I don’t buy video games where I have to wander around and discover things, this is meandering and wasteful. Jump over the Turtle, save the Princess, go home. That’s the movement I can get behind.

I’m even further perplexed by the fact that this movement has moved into Philadelphia under the banner of “Occupy Philadelphia“. Mainly because we don’t have a Wall Street here! How are you protesting the evil greed in front of City Hall? You will have an audience of three homeless men and a pretzel cart. And one of those men would kill to sleep on that stupid sign you’re waiving.

The one positive that has come from this “kids being kids” disaster  is the #OccupySesameStreet trend it has spawned on Twitter. Buzzfeed has been kind enough to select the top 10.

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