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The Week In Music: All The Ladies’ Singles, All The Ladies’ Singles

janell monae

In what has been a pretty great year for music, we have begun the slow grind of summer over the past two weeks. Yeezus might have scared them all away. Or more likely, had angry sex with them and gave their babies names that sound like GPS directions. Either way, it’s been a couple weeks since there’s been an album worth sinking into.

This week however there’s a few singles that popped into your friendly neighborhood Spotify just begging to “beat the beat up” with you. Your move Morgan’s Pier.

Janelle Monae – Dance Apocalyptic

I’ll take your dubstep and raise you a throwback 60’s Supremes beat dripping with soul, keys, and a hint of ukulele. This is fun. Like montage of sprinkler mishaps fun. For added pleasure check out the video. “What’s the matter? Your chicken taste like pork?”

Natalia Kills – Saturday Night

What happens when you blend a touch of Lana Del Rey with some pop-punk song structure? There’s a bit of both on Saturday Night. Cappuccini wasn’t catchy enough, so Natalia changed her last name to Kills. Catchy now seems to be a specialty. It’s a pump your fist anthem filled with a lot of teen angst for a 26 year old.

Lorde – Tennis Court

Lorde is 16 years old and from New Zealand. She first blew me away with “Royals“. This isn’t that but it’s still a good time. Boy, she’s way more 16 here though then she’s ever been before.

And gentlemen…

You probably have an Aunt Carol that’s digging on “Blurred Lines” by now. Robin Thicke returned today with some BWWWWOOOOO BAHHHHH and Kendrick Lamar. Credit to Lamar for the lyric “Running through my mind like Jackie Joyner“, the best name check since Kanye‘s likening to Deepak Chopra. Also is anyone¬†having “Sexy Back” flashbacks?

Plus Franz Ferdinand¬†is back with songs that aren’t called “Take Me Out“, and Nelly and Pharrell do “Drop It Like It’s Hot” with out the Snnnnnnnoooooooopppp fun and call it “Get Like Me“. Now that’s chicken that taste like pork.