Review: Ages And Ages @ Union Transfer



Back in November, the folks at All Songs Considered turned me on to a song from the Portland band Ages And Ages. “Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)” was a perfect pop song. Crisp, layered harmonies, uplifting with a touch of darkness within.

That day I marked my calendar for their album release and anxiously awaited more. The result didn’t disappoint with the fantastic full-length released last Tuesday.

The album is full, bursting with the color of scaly voices blended to perfection. It’s well crafted pop excellence, all existing with that undertone of thoughtful consideration and exploration. Mostly into the human condition and relationships.


Last night Ages And Ages made their way to Philadelphia‘s Union Transfer to open for Lake Street Dive. Teeming with infectious, sweet geeky banter, these folks from the great Northwest seemed humble and appreciative. You want to root for bands like this. Sounds swelled and the commingling of voices was something to get lost in.

The music and the message remind me a lot of what I loved so much about last year’s “Modern Vampires Of The City“. Pop music, or I guess Indie Rock depending on who you ask, is always done best when it’s neatly wrapped and full of weight. That’s a big part of what Ages And Ages brought to the stage last night. Full, tight pop music that reverberates not just through your toes, but also your mind.

Keep an eye out for Ages And Ages. Hopefully big things to come.

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