Everyone’s Got To Make A Living: A Journey Through Time


Many times I have fallen down the “Related Artist” rabbit hole. You’re listening to Passion Pit, then head to the “Related Artist” section.

“Man, haven’t listened to Santigold in forever.”

“Ohhh The Ting Tings!”

“Wait, The Rumble Strips…that sounds interesting.”

Before you know it you are listening to spoken word poetry from the “Love Jones” soundtrack.

Probably less common is falling down the “wait I know that sample” rabbit hole, which I am prone to do on occasion. It the affliction where enjoying music is interrupted by the alarms in your head saying “wait I know that sample”, as you search your mental Rolodex.

The latest comes on a New Music Tuesday, when I was checking out an EP from Mark Pritchard. The first words of Pritchard’s “Make A Livin’” are as followed…

Children Growing, Women Producing, Men Go Working Some Go Stealing, Everyone’s Got to Make a Living


I however am rarely fooled by the rocks that I got, so I dug a little deeper. I found it hard to believe that Pritchard found inspiration in Jennifer Lopez, plus “Jenny From The Block” already samples Boogie Down Productions

And The Beatnuts Watch Out Now” from 1999…

Which itself is a sample of Enoch Light‘s “Hijack“…

I’m exhausted.

Soooooo….No chance this sample originates with Miss J From The B.

Vindication! It is actually the work of 20th Century Steel Band.

You might remember 20th Century Steel Band from…well, chances are you don’t. However “Heaven And Hell Is On Earth” can be found on the 1975 album “Warm Heart Cold Steel“, which would be my finishing move if I were a sensitive wrestler.

They would go on to have a career unworthy of a Wikipedia page, which either egregious…or just about right.

And with that another mystery solved, and afternoon wasted. The life of an indoor kid never stops!

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