Dance Bitch! And With That Aaron Paul Triumphs Over Britney

Aaron Paul Dance Bitch

Let me drop a little timeline knowledge on you.

September 18th 2007Britney Spears returns from Crazy Town with her single “Gimme More“. The song starts with the now infamous line “It’s Britney Bitch“. The word “bitch” has a moment.

January 20th 2008 – “Breaking Bad” premieres on AMC. Early in the season, Jesse Pinkman drops “bitch” for the first of many times.

September 16th 2013 – Britney returns to the formula releasing the single “Work Bitch“. Some people like it. Most of them shop at H&M and end all texts with “LOL”

October 1st 2013 – In the wake of the “Breaking Bad” finale, Tom Neville and Zen Freeman release “Dance Bitch” featuring the one and only Aaron Paul. In four minutes and forty-three seconds, Paul outdoes Britney, gives Jesse Pinkman the final sendoff ‘Merica deserves, and…probably gives us the last “Bitch!” we need.


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