Deep Cut: Devin The Dude “Probably Should Have”


Music is a beautiful thing because there is something for everyone. Somewhere between this week’s releases from Justin Timberlake, HaimDr. Dog…hell even new music from Nelly and K-Ci & JoJo, you’re bound to find something that fits you.

If there is a lid for every pot, then Devin The Dude‘s latest single “Probably Should Have” might be the perfect cover for the music fan who, I don’t know, says things like “I bang bitches on the reg“, or wears Big Johnson shirts and drives an Oldsmobile with a “boomin’ system“.

From his album which comes out next Tuesday (Oct. 8th), “Probably Should Have” features such lyrical crafting as “Spending time, worrying when you gone put out? Thinking with my third leg with my foot out.

Devin The Dude, is just a dude. A dude with feelings brah. A dude who is doing some kind of hokey pokey with his penis that I’m not understanding.

For all the criticism that JT has received for his “corny enough to elicit facepalms from sixth graders” lyrics on his release this week, this song stands above all others.

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