Throwback Thursday: The Many Faces Of Rod Stewart


Long before Rod Stewart graced the waiting rooms of Dentists across this great country, he was a raw, gritty rocker. Do yourself a favor and spin some Faces in your Spotify. It’s the “ashtray next to the bed” era of rock that belongs in a montage of whiskey-soaked adventures. Or at the very least, it deserves a spot on the jukebox wherever you play pool (I’m looking at you Buffalo Billiards).

This week saw the release of “Rarities” from Rod Stewart, and you can hear glimpses of this time. A time before your Aunt Peggy was the only one getting sweaty from “Rod The Mod”.

From the backroom jam of “It’s All Over Now“, to the slinky ramble of “Lost Paraguayos“, and even a bluesy take on Dylan’s “Girl From North Country“.

This is all interesting. He’s like a reverse Walter White.

But the gem of “Rarities” is an early version of “Maggie May, before Rod nailed down the lyrics.

You might remember lines like…

You made a first-class fool out of me
But I’m as blind as a fool can be
You stole my heart but I love you anyway

But ask Aunt Peggy if Rod Stewart would still melt her butter with lines like…

I don’t mean to tell ya
That you look like a fella
But I’ll kick your head in one of these days

Nothing says love like gender confusion inspired violence, but it’s all there in the first draft of “Maggie May”. Ladies. Somewhere a Musketeer cries.

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