Deep Cut: K. Michelle “Pay My Bills”


In a week that’s dominated by Gagas and Katys, the most interesting song released is an album cut from a VH1 Reality Show star.

Flav? Bret? Nope!

K. Michelle is one of the stars of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta“, which is a TV show and not a Jermaine Dupri album title as I once thought.

I was impressed with her single “V.S.O.P.” earlier in the year, but was in no way prepared for the raunchy battle cry of “Pay My Bills” that will most likely populate my vocabulary on nights where Yuengling turns off my already weak filter.

Hide ya kids and listen to this!

I know right?

Before I share more, a few words from The New York Times.

“What she’s missing is restraint. Just as she has no filter on the show, she ignores boundaries here, too, whether it’s the amusing and determined sprinkling of foul language throughout the album, or a song like “Pay My Bills,” a gauche number about sex and money.”

How eloquent. More plainly, she’s going at it so hard that you’ll want to pay her utilities. Which is hilarious, AND a more creative concept than anything Gaga offers up in “Applause“.

Think about this for a second. Have you ever had sex so good that you’ve considered taking care of a PECO bill as a thank you? That’s big!

And further more, you can knock her methods but this stream of income is funding her “babysitting” bill. Thus making her a good parent. Responsibility like whoa!

Have fun with this one. Dirty R&B jams are an American tradition. Wherefore art thou Akinyele?

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