An Alarming Issue: Waking Up With Yeezy


In a perfect world, the sun peaks through the window and you awake to the chirping of birds and the gentle hum of a city beginning its day. The smell of coffee and pancakes waft into the bedroom and gently beckon you out of bed. This is morning.

I hope that for you.

For me, several alarms staggered by five-minute intervals collide like car accidents in a confusing dark room. It’s an LED-lit nightmare. How did I get here?

It sounds rough but you become numb to it after a while. I’ve been up before the sun for more than a decade now and it’s now just an accepted truth. But it’s not without its new wrinkles now and then.

The latest development happening this morning.

Somehow in my fumbling to tune out the violence of iPhone screeches, I’ve managed to set each alarm to wake me up with a song. One song. KanyeYeezusWest and JaySans HyphenZ ripping through “Gotta Have It“.

Gotta Have It” is a great tune. Maybe the best tune on “Watch The Throne” that doesn’t mention Fish Fillet. But it’s an abrasive way to start your morning. Different contextually from the abrasive screeches I’ve gotten used to. And I feel a hundred that I don’t know how it got there or how to fix it. “Heh? Why are the birds angry?”

To refresh your memory the songs starts with a James Brown grunt and Ye’s musings on “White America”, which frankly is a little more racial then I’m willing to get before 5am.

The whole thing has got me to thinkin’….if I were going to wake up to a song what would it be?

I have a great friend who wakes up to “Obvious Bicycle” by Vampire Weekend every morning. It’s subtle, it’s beautiful, and it’s fitting.

Morning’s come you watch the red sunrise The early day still flickers in your eyes

Those are the words that start her day, and there is something special about that.

I would sleep through it.

So if that’s too easy to ignore, and “Gotta Have It” is too “get-the-fuck-up-and-stop-being-white!“, then is there a song in between that I would enjoy?

According to Yahoo Answers…everybody LOVES waking up to The Beatles.

– “Good Morning, Good Morning”

– “Here Comes The Sun”

– “Good Day Sunshine”

Eh. Perhaps. But I don’t think I need to start a day that literally.

Any suggestions? Or even better, how to fix one of these new fangled space phones so I can free myself from thinking about “Puerto Rico Three Days” while I’m brushing my teeth?



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