The Week In Music: The Civil Wars Should Get Along For The Kids


You know who I love spending time with?

Recently divorced couples.

Yeah I mean, the way they take subtle jabs while maintaining an undertone of longing. The way they act out in spectacular ways to show their former how interesting they are. It’s a delight.

That of course is a lie. Those people are no fun, and neither is the latest self-titled album from The Civil Wars.

Joy Williams and John Paul White made news last year when they cancelled a tour based on “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition“.  Also know as “the sex is far too infrequent and so is the cleaning of the house”.

The hitch is that they are both married separately. One of them to their manager. Ohhh….the plot thickens!

But apparently this strive is so deep that it’s come out in the lyrics of their latest album. However not deep enough for them to NOT put out a latest album.

Honestly, the most interesting thing about the new promising album from The Civil Wars is whatever is going on behind the closed door. Did a marriage break up? Did a relationship develop between the two? Did Pa’ drink too much moonshine and accidentally shoot Betsy the best cow at the ranch? We may never know. But luckily, we have twelve tracks to document it in the vaguest of fashions this week.

Most of the songs here reek of whatever went down between the two, but offer only platitudes and gloomy tempos. That is with the exceptions of an odd Smashing Pumpkins cover and French speaking number (see: acting out)

I don’t ever write about things I don’t like. Music is art and is meant to be appreciated at different angles. In every thing you feel is noise, likely lay significance for another. But I was really looking forward to this.

I expected the sound to expand, and for them to grow on their Grammy success. But instead of dealing with heartbreak like their friend TSwift, they chose the darkest timeline.

While I’m at it, when did KT Tunstall stop having fun? Does she have a downbeat circus spectacular planned with The Civil Wars?

This week she released “Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon“. It’s low-key, forgettable, and begs the question…”Where HAVE all the cowboys gone?”

For an otherwise dreary week of new releases, you should check out The Polyphonic Spree‘s standout track “What Would You Do?”, or Haim’s new single “The Wire” (Michael B Jordan not included)

Also, listen to anything that features John Newman. The guy is the real deal and makes the best two tracks on this week’s “Home” album from Rudimental.

Cheer up kids. It’s not that bad.

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