Interview: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper


Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and Rock N’ Roll rarely go together. Nor should they. However at World Cafe Live these worlds often collide. I’m sure it makes sense as some acoustically croon from the stage in this beautiful venue, but it seems a little odd as Lady Lamb The Beekeeper slams her heart against echoing guitars and snare slams in songs such as “Bird Balloons“. It’s uncommon, but such is life for Aly Spaltro.

It was in full display as she played World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on May 12th.

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper is the stage name chosen by Spaltro. Her gut-wrenching descriptions of love were first conceived in the basement of a video store in Maine, then taken to Brooklyn, and unleashed to the mainstream this year in the album “Ripely Pine“.

Before the show we sat in a room and talked movies, music, and Maine.

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

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