The Week In Music: Gatsby Old Sport

The Great Gatsby

What do Des’ree and Lana Del Rey have in common? Almost nothing. But both will be remembered as the stand out tracks on phenomenal Baz Luhrmann soundtracks.

If you listen closely you can hear the 16-year-old girl pre-selecting “Young And Beautiful” as her wedding song for May of 2020. Which honestly, is a little misguided…like politicans entering campaign rallies to “Born In The USA“, but it’s still brutally beautiful.

That’s just the tip for the gem that is “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack. Jay-Z did his homework.

A couple of other standouts…

Jay-Z – 100$ Bill

It’s rapid fire, the drums are set to 11, and Hov likens himself to everyone he can think of throughout history. Like “We Didn’t Start The Fire” with a Rocawear belt buckle.

Emeli Sande – Crazy In Love

You realize what a solid song “Crazy In Love” is when you strip it down and jazz it up. Must have been tough doing Bey for Jay while Bey was with Dre 3K on another track though. I’m dizzy.

Editors Note: The only thing more dated then the Gatsby roaring 20’s in the lyric “got me hoping you page me right now”. Good grief Bell Atlantic!

Florence And The Machine – Over The Love

This song is special. It’s just for this moment, and once you see the world of Gatsby on film you can’t help but be transported back to his dock when you hear it. For serious.

The movie is great. The soundtrack is great. Dress like a flapper, get a cigarette holder, and throw this on the phonograph.

Oh yeah, and…

There’s a couple also-rans from this week.

She & Him – Volume 3

Are you over Zooey yet? I don’t want to be, but I feel like a little goes a long way. I was genuinely surprised this was still a thing. Part of me thinks she made it just to show Ben Gibbard she was serious.

Talib Kweli – Prisoner Of Conscious

He’s still one of my favorite MC’s of all time, I just wish Kanye was making more beats for him. Yeezy needs to be a little more Kweli and a little less 2 Chainz. PS – It’s worth it just to hear Busta Rhymes scream about pork on “Rocket Ships

Straight No Chaser – Under The Influence

This is a real thing.

Vampire Weekend next week. Yeeeeeeeeeee! I mean “Fuck Yeah!”. But seriously, yeeeeeeeee!

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