The Week In Music: Frank Turner

Frank Turner

Frank Turner has crafted a masterpiece.

I know that’s a bold proclamation, but it’s true. On “Tape Deck Heart“, the English singer bleeds into a microphone, then wraps it in classic pop tune structure. It’s honest. It’s raw yet polished. It’s fantastic!

There are some among us that will turn their nose up at Turner’s latest venture. It is an evolution from previous albums and those that sunk into “Love Ire & Song” might find the packaging too neat. But that’s the beauty of “Tape Deck Heart“. It’s still lyrically raw, and one of the realist records of the year.

This from “The Way I Tend To Be“.

I’ve said I love you so many times that the words kinda die in my mouth.
And I meant it each time with each beautiful woman but somehow it never works out.
You stood apart in my calloused heart, and you taught me and here’s what I learned:
That love is about the changes you make and not just three small words.

It’s a real talent to sound this genuine and real, while still being accessible in a mass appeal way. Singing along to painful poetry is something done too infrequently. Stop reading this and go listen to this now. Here!

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