25 For 2012

The Lumineers

I am by no means a Music Critic, or even a Music Expert…but I happen to like it a lot.

It’s become a ritual around this time of year to look at everybody’s “Best Of” list and try to discover something that passed me by. I hope, if nothing else, this “25 For 2012” mixtape will inspire you to look deeper into someone who might have passed you by.

The Lumineers still stand out to me as the best thing music had to offer this year. If there’s anything you like about their album please see them live and be prepared to fall in love.

There was also a healthy pop resurgence this year. Both P!nk and Ke$ha share a few things in common. You need the “Shift” key to spell their names, and they put out quality albums that deserve your time. Also Bruno Mars proved what Prince would sound like if he was in his 20’s in 2012, and The Rolling Stones put out their best song since “Love Is Strong

Plus The Menzingers rocked my face off, Macklemore puts out the most important song of the year, and Perfume Genius dared you to drink alone and make it through the album.

Check out my “25 For 2012” list HERE, and thank you for stopping by. See you next year.


  1. engravedhistory

    P!nk is a great singer. Why would you put such a talented artist in the same sentence as a trash a la Kesha (wouldn’t bother pressing the shift key)?

    • Metro

      Their both artists in their own right. Just because Ke$ha presents her self in a cruder fashion, doesn’t make her any less than. I think they both made albums that represent who they are, are both are fun to listen to.

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