Metro And Gordon Do The Internet: The First 5 Soundtrack

One of my favorite things about doing “Metro And Gordon Do The Internet” is feeling the gentle bristle of Gordon‘s whiskers. But an extremely close second is getting to feature some music that I care about quite a bit. For that reason I put together this soundtrack of the music used in the first 5 episodes of “Metro And Gordon Do The Internet”. Please check it out HERE.

And don’t forget, there’s a brand new episode released this Friday. Get it early by subscribing HERE.

Thank you all.

One comment

  1. bill fromdville

    dude i so miss hearing you guys on the air hope you guys come back soon faithful fan since day fuckin 1 gordon remember me in bill from douglassville the guy that won a copy of meet the fockers and never got it ………..i still didnt get it god bless ill be listening in love you guys your the best rock on

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