Harold Camping: Stroke Of Genius Or Just A Stroke

Ohhh…you just meant a “personal” rapture? I think I get it now.

Harold Camping, did something that many could not. He forced CNN to display a countdown clock, many to buy pet insurance from Atheists, and caused you to look to the sky on May 21st…you know…just in case. Admit it.

Well, Harold “The Rapture Is Coming” Camping might have been off his mark a little bit. But he did suffer a stroke on Thursday. Now there are some among you that will say “of course he did! He tried to make money off God and got what he deserved”. Others will say “Really, he’s 89 and looks like he’s been dead since 1997″. And some will say…”Eh”.

Really though no matter what your take away is it should be noted what his brand of crazy brought about that day. I know I called my parents and made sure I was with people I love. Shhh. Did you?

It wasn’t a epic bonding event that united us like 9/11, but it was definitely a blip on that radar. For some it takes a reminder of our own mortality to understand what the relationships we have with each other really mean. And no matter how big of an impact that has on you in that moment, it’s that feeling, that sense of community that is really the reason were all here to begin with.

If that’s too heavy and a bit to much to digest, enjoy this video of a Bulldog On A Trampoline.

Thanks for your time.

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