Wizard World Countdown…Batman Talks To Batman

Somewhere in Philadelphia a Wookie Costume is being rented as we speak. We are just about two weeks away from Wizard World Philadelphia. You may have thought there’s no way I can meet the guy from Shaft, argue that “Han shot first” with Lando, and play name that smell in the Reading Terminal Market all in one day. How wrong you are my friend.

June 17th begins a 3 day nerdgasam and a draining of my wallet at the Convention Center. This year does in fact feature appearances by Richard Roundtree, Billy Dee Williams, Bruce Campbell, and more.

Adam West will make a triumphant return and continue to be one of the few guests who’s star is rising. Fun fact, the sweetest man you will ever meet, but the Family Guy Mayor character is not a huge stretch.

If you would like to buy tickets you can do so HERE. And in the meantime get geeked to meet the Caped Crusader with this clip that’s making the rounds today.

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