Old School: The 2007 Mayoral Rap

We are less than a month away from the Mayoral Primary and things have really heated up. Several characters challengers to the Michael Nutter throne have emerged.

You have the ex-con Milton “I think I’m Moses” Street gaining ground with some union endorsements. You have Tom “I could buy you” Knox stepping back into the arena by changing his party affiliation. And wait…no way…yes way. John Street has also changed his party for a possible run. The whole thing is one Legion Of Doom tag team away from being a Royal Rumble.

So as we look forward to the chaos that will overtake the city in May, and as I box up my belongings just in case Milton Street wins, let us relive the chaos that was 2007 with The Mayoral Rap. Yes in 2007 Prince Alex and myself spit hot fire about the contenders that year and the result was this video.

For those of you who listened to The Barsky Show you may remember this strength of street knowledge display. For Chris Johnson Jr., this is a whole post written especially for you.

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