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Happy 500: Here’s An Interview With A Guy Who Thinks He’s A Dog

Boomer The Dog

A couple of years ago as I was transitioning into a new phase of my career, I created MetroRadioShow.com. In the time since it has served as a place to share with you some of my favorite things including the “Metro And Gordon Do The Internet podcast, the Phillies show “From The Phans“, my thoughts on music, and generally anything weird I thought you might enjoy.

In fact, the most popular post remains this video of people walking into stuff, because none of us are as smart as we think.

At this point we have reached our 500th post and I can not thank you enough for your time and attention. If I could hug each of you I would. Even the sweaty ones in the Pantera Hockey jerseys.

One of the cornerstones of this site has always been interviews, and there has been a lot. Authors, actors, bands, and everything in between. At least I thought…

It seems fitting that today our 500th post is an interview with Boomer The Dog. Boomer is not like any other dog, mostly because he’s not a dog. He is a 48 year old man from Pittsburgh. Wrap your ears around that one.

Check it out below, and sincerely, thank you.

Boomer The Dog

Geeking Out With “Lost” And “Dark Knight” Star Nestor Carbonell

Before he was the Mayor of Gotham City in The Dark Knight, before he was the never-aging Richard Alpert of Lost, even before he was with Brooke Shields in Suddenly Susan, Nestor Carbonell was just a boy with an eyelash affliction.

That is just a tiny piece of what I learned this morning during our talk.  Warning, I love Lost so much that all the food in my fridge has the Dharma Initiative logo on it. That’s why I was beyond excited to speak with Nestor this morning about his new show “Ringer” on CW.

Nestor Carbonell

***NOTE TO IPHONE USERS: This audio is also available in the iTunes store. Just search “MetroRadioShow.com”


Tasered 2: Taze Of Glory…Pirates Fan Gets Tasered

Ahhhh, America’s newest past time…getting stupid at a baseball game and getting the business end of a Taser. Much like in Philadelphia last season, this year another fan has been tasered in Pittsburgh. If you were a Pirates fan you would probably drink to excess as well. But you, like I, would probably have the good sense not to take a swing at somebody as you were being escorted out. You also would probably have the good sense to fall down and give up, but this gentlemen has neither. He does have the looks of Bam Bam Bigelow though, and the wardrobe and cheering section of Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Watch The Video