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Throwback Thursday: Willy Mason “Oxygen”

Willy Mason

This week, folk singer Willy Mason released his third full length album “Carry On“. It’s subtle and weary, never really reaching any great conclusion or emotion. Not much sticks on the album for me.


Back in 2005 Willy Mason released the single Oxygen“. Originally off an EP in 2003 from the Martha’s Vineyard singer-songwriter, the song eventually landed on his first full length “Where The Humans Eat“.

“Oxygen” is an epic, beautiful mantra for a generation. Too much? I really don’t think so.

I wanna be better than oxygen so you can breathe when you’re drowning and weak in the knees.
I wanna speak louder than Ritalin for all the children who think that they’ve got a disease.
I wanna be cooler than TV for all the kids that are wondering what they are goin’ to be.
We can be stronger than bombs if you’re singin’ along and you know that you really believe.
We can be richer than industry as long as we know that there’s things that we don’t really need.
We can speak louder than ignorance ’cause we speak in silence every time our eyes meet.

It’s a call to arms and THE stand out track from Willy Mason.

It’s a shame that Mason was never able to recapture the spirit of “Oxygen“, but I’m thankful for this touching tribute to spirit and mind. Enjoy.
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