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Ladies: The Best Icona Pop Cover Yet, This Week’s Gaga

Ava Luna

It’s November and already “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky” sound tired. So invasive and ubiquitous that they have been rendered impotent. Now, nobody can ever take away their “Song Of The Summer” status, but it’s tough to imagine feeling those nostalgia endorphins kick in as it pops on your spaceship radio in ten years.

However, Icona Pop‘s “I Love It” dropped in May of 2012 and I still get a smile on my face as the first beat churns. It’s been overexposed, commercialized, Lena Dunham-ized…and still it’s a killer song.

In the time since it’s explosion, many have covered it with varying results, but the best comes from Brooklyn band Ava Luna.

As a special for Rookie magazine, the band put this together. My favorite take so far.

Also this summer, many argued about the impending duel between Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Myself included got sucked into two megastars releasing lead singles the same week, and the battle that would rage as we neared their album releases.

For the most part that has fizzled, with the exception of some slut-shamming on the part of Perry. It seems the promise of Perry’s “Prism” was mostly undelivered, offering up much of the same while being noticeably lower on fun.

On the other hand, Gaga promised somewhat of a art-fused revolution, only to show up with an R. Kelly-fused stagnation.

That was until last week when she unleashed “Venus“, which is fantastically weird. Then she followed it up this weekend with the beautiful stripped confession of “Dope“.

She’s always been at her best when she hangs her meat dress and cube shoulders on the hook and just sits at a piano to bleed. See “Speechless

So advantage Gaga. Advantage Icona Pop. Somewhere Katy Perry is typing sad emoticons.