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Interview: Royston Langdon Of Spacehog


Last Friday night, Gordon and I went back to 1995 when Spacehog played Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia.

They put out a new album this year. It doesn’t have “In The Meantime” or “Mungo City” on it, soooooooo.

None the less, they ripped through a tight set, and I got to scream “From Mungo City!” in an appropriate setting for the first time ever.

After the show when Gordon wandered off to take care of some business, I noticed lead singer Royston Langdon¬†sitting at the merch table. When the flow of picture-takers had slowed and I was clutching an empty “Natty Bo”, I decided to make my way over and talk with Royston for a bit.

This is that.

Royston Langdon Of Spacehog