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Ray Lewis Is Right

I love radio. All types of radio. But I don’t call into radio shows. Well…not since 1998 when I won Y100 Sonic Session passes off Bret Hamilton to see Eve 6. I never got to go, and I believe Eve 6 may have suffered because of it.

But today on the ride home I tuned into a discussion of Ray Lewis and his “crime will increase if you take away our game” comments. They mocked Lewis and called him crazy for saying such a thing. They attributed all kinds of rhetorical reasonings to his statement. Are players going to commit crimes? Will the public because they don’t have the NFL in their lives? How could a game spike the crime rate?

It was the most tempted I’ve been to call a radio station since that fateful Eve 6 day. Mainly because some voices that I really respect I think may have missed the point.

The crime rate doesn’t spike from the players or the public. It spikes from the long arm that the NFL impacts and employs. Brent Celek isn’t going to steal or rob, but the guy parking cars each week who no longer gets a Sunday paycheck might. So might the people selling beer, or the staff that works security. Maybe the businesses that operate around the NFL stadiums that see the economic boom of a new season. THESE people are all candidates to spike the crime rate. The people who Ray Lewis “sees on the street”.

Maybe I’m giving the guy too MUCH credit, but I like to think that’s what he had in mind. And if it’s not then it’s still something worth thinking about. The impact of a missed season for everyone.

I’ll hang up and listen for your answer.