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Review: Eminem Goes “Berzerk”


There’s a lot to digest with the Eminem single “Berzerk“. It’s the first taste of the album “MMLP2“, which drops on November 5th. An album which is Executive Produced by Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin, and that’s what makes this song so baffling.

Rubin is known for sparse production. At least recently. You might remember the way he stripped down Yeezus earlier this year, or famously Johnny Cash. But here he crams so much into four minutes that it’s dizzying.

In the blender of “Berzerk” you’ll find the Beastie Boys, Billy Squier, and a host of other scratches and effects, all set to break-neck speed.

Does it work? Ehhh.

It’s certainly interesting. It’s certainly nice to see Eminem back in a playful form, and not as serious as 2010’s “Recovery“. However, there was a time when you awaited a new Eminem song to see who he took shots at. This time around it’s less of an event with shots at K-Fed, Khloe Kardashian, Future, and…”Ren And Stimpy“?

No matter what you can’t deny Eminem’s place in the scene. Kanye, Jay Z, Wayne, and Mr. Mathers remain the most anticipated artists in hip hop, but November could change the game.

If this leaked tracklist is any indication (or true), things look optimistic.

1. Public Service Announcement 2013 (Intro)
2. All Fall Down / He’s Back
3. Survival (feat. Liz Rodriguez)
4. Sh*t Feels Different
5. How It Feels To Be Sober (feat. Snoop Lion)
 6. Over Their Heads (feat. Yelawolf and Skylar Grey)
 7. Cloud Nine (feat. Tech N9ne)
 8. Infinity and Beyond (Skit) (feat. Ken Kaniff)
9. Radio (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
10. Berserk
11. Trapped in the Haze
12. R.I.P. Kim
13. Gifted Curse (feat. Andre 3000)
14. Letter To My Fans (feat. Emilie Autumn)
15. Blackman and Robbin’ (feat. Dr. Dre)
16. Prodigal Son
17. Hip-Hop Still Lives
18. Still The Same Old Kid (feat. 50 Cent)
19. I’ve Hit Mountain Top (Skit)
20. I Never Gave a F*ck
21. Please Kill Yourself

Deluxe Edition

 22. Run With It (feat. Yelawolf and Rittz)
23. My Mom is My Idol
24. Session Two (feat. Slaughterhouse)