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Madonna Rips Off Gaga, Covers Elliott Smith, Confuses Many


Remember when Lady Gaga was hugging ice, screaming in the woods, becoming her own liberal arts college thesis? It’s all been in preparation of her album “Artpop” which drops on November 11th. More than an album, Gaga is crafting a living, breathing art experience.

Suddenly, Madonna (Gaga Version 1.0), is launching her own barrage of high concept art and music collisions. This week she’s been all over Instagram with her #SecretProjectRevolution, and an apparent companion project called “Art Of Freedom“. It appears that suddenly the kunst is her.

I can’t really wrap my head around it yet, but I know that it’s yielded a surprising cover from the Material Girl. During a performance art piece at New York’s Gagosian Gallery she sauntered through a version of Elliott Smith‘s “Between The Bars“. The results are far better than expected.