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Review: Sylvan Esso @ Union Transfer

Sylvan Esso

Before the infinite weird charm of tUne-yArDs took the stage at Union Transfer, a pair from North Carolina let the room spy on their own private bedroom party dance session.

Sylvan Esso is the project of already successful Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn. Their paths have collided to create a sexy, slinky collection of songs that build and burst with the twist of a knob.

Sylvan Esso

To see it live is something private and inclusive all at the same time. You can’t help but feel voyeuristic as the two feed into each other.

Upon a large stage the two take up little space, but echo through the room with energy. Meath’s white girl dancing is shown up only by her effortless voice that soars beyond every electronic stammer and studder. Meanwhile, Sanborn armed only with a Mac and a mixer, pours everything he has into each tweak and fade.


It’s rare in music to see two people feeling what they do as much as Sylvan Esso does. Every note and beat pulses through them and the feeling is electric. Hear more of them HERE, and experience it live as soon as possible.