Interview: Chris Carrabba @ North Star Bar

Chris Carrabba

I’ve been lucky enough to interview a lot of people, but rarely have I gotten to speak with someone who’s music has meant as much to me as that of Chris Carrabba. Dashboard Confessional soundtracked an important part of who I was when I first heard “The Swiss Army Romance“. While the world was getting sun tattoos and listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I felt as though I found something deeper, and more true. It was alright to not only wear hearts on sleeves, but to own it and scream it.

All that being said, Chris hit Philadelphia with his new band Twin Forks on Friday, who in their own right are bursting with passion and possibilities. Before the show we had a chance to sit down and talk about the evolution of Dashboard Confessional and the new road ahead for Twin Forks.


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