Review: Phosphorescent At Union Transfer


In another universe, Matthew Houck could be a middle management accountant. Pushing papers and filling out expense reports, working to get out in time to make it to his son’s soccer match. This is completely plausible. This is also completely false.

Houck has all the looks of the mild-mannered, but on stage he is a force. His swagger is matched only by his intimacy.

Phosphorescent, which is Houck along with a collective of musicians, was a warming light through a snowy night in Philadelphia. Dressed like a thrift shop Matador, Houck bounced around the friendly confines of the Union Transfer stage. The smell of incense wafted across the crowd as candles and flowers adorn the stage. More than a show, this was an invitation into the private world of Phosphorescent. It was an experience that was spiritual in both looks and sound.

Houck made his way through the highlights of last year’s fantastic album ‘Muchacho‘, stopping briefly for songs from the past, even a Willy Nelson tune. At its high points it was a living room revival, slowing only for tender moments alone with Phosphorescent and his songs. Wether he was ripping through tunes with the band or sharing something private alone at the keyboard, each song felt deeply personal.

The whole thing was beautiful, and I hope you can experience it next time around.

If you have still yet to dig into ‘Muchacho’…why? Listen below now.

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