The Week In Music: Five For The Weekend

Foster The People

The music industry hasn’t quite thawed out yet this year, despite efforts this week from force Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings and a cobbled together collection from Bruuuuuce. That’s likely to end next week with an anxiously awaited Against Me! album and a gaper-delay effort from Young The Giant.

This week’s best of the best comes from curious corners, but all great tunes ready to be inserted into all your situations.

Foster The People – Coming Of Age


I perhaps am the only person who never bought into these ‘People’. They’ve lived off their debut album for over two years now, and no matter how much you hit me with “Pumped Up Kicks” I was never buying what Robert and his quick hands were selling. “Coming Of Age” however sounds like the boys paid a visit to Sam’s Town. This sounds way more like The Killers than The Killers do at the moment, and that gives me hope for the album “Supermodel”, which drops March 18th.

Jenny Lewis – Completely Not Me


Guys, Hannah’s like, was totes all Jack Kerouac in “GIRLS” Sunday night. After road-tripping to pick up a BFF at rehab, they close out the episode with this great new song from Jenny Lewis. It’s fetch. It’s also part of a larger effort. A Vol. 2 soundtrack for the show that features Vampire Weekend, Lily Allen, Beck, M Ward, and more. That comes out on February 11th.

Liars – Mess Of A Mission


This new track from Liars balances pop music with a dark electronic undercurrent expertly. I imagine this is what I’m running to when the zombies come. Then I slide over the hood of a car. Then I turn towards them and say “lights out” as I remove my zombie blaster from its holster. Then I help Timmy from under the rubble and we walk home.

So yeah, it’s a good song.

Ryan Star – My Life With You


I didn’t expect a contestant from the 2006 TV show ‘Rockstar Supernova‘ to make me feel this way, but dammit Ryan you’ve gone and done it. A beautiful song, share it with someone you love…or have it play over the end credits when you get the girl after saving Timmy and the world.

Bastille – What Would You Do


Do I really have to explain this one? It’s a City High cover! From a British Synth-Pop band!

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