So Groovy Now: That Target Commercial Song You Love


Somewhere in the Target universe there’s a group of adults that are “finally getting together”. Sure, they’ve had a long week at work, and shuttling the kids to orthodontist appointments has taken its toll, but there are snacks and titillating conversation about how it took Lisa “Like FOREVER to finish reading Gone Girl”. Oh the little things.

Well played Target. I eat most of my food out of cans, but your soundtrack skills still have me hooked. In my mind I play out dance montages, smile at strangers and long for the perfect throw to offset the taupe in my living room. WHAT IS THIS MAGICAL SONG?!?!

Well I’m glad you asked. The song featured in the commercial is “So Groovy” by Canadian artist Jocelyn Alice. She has a fantastic voice, as shown in other songs like this, but this earworm does not originate with her.

So Groovy” is originally a song called “Reach Out Of The Darkness” by the duo Friend & Lover.

Friend & Lover is Jim Post and his wife Cathy Conn. After some floundering, the couple found success in 1968 with “Reach Out Of The Darkness“.

Then they didn’t. Things got fairly less groovy as they bounced around labels and eventually divorced.

In conclusion, wow that’s a great song…it’s a shame it ruins lives.

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