Links: The Farmer And The Bey, Miss Katie, And More


It’s Wednesday, and we all need something to drown out the obnoxious camel in our office. Here’s a few of my favorites. HUMP! DAY!

The Carter Family Portrait Gallery


On “Magna Carta Holy GrailJay Z raps that he sleeps next to “Mona Lisa, the modern day version with better features“. Now YOU TOO can imagine Bey, and Jay, even Ivy in the finest works of art. Come for the “American Gothic“, stay for “The Last Supper” where Yeezus, RiRi, Oprah, and Obama break bread and speak Swaghili.

Lil’ Wayne And Lil’ Couric


Whew! With the end of Breaking Bad on the horizon, I was worried there would be nothing to watch. But thankfully, a new season of “Katie” has arrived. Don’t bother me this weekend, I’ll be Netflix bingeing to catch up.

She kicked off her season this week with Lil’ Wayne, reprising their “I’m a rapper. That’s who I am Miss Katie, and I am a gangstarelationship. This time around they touch on dropping out of high school, Wayne’s health, and parenting. This is a FX sitcom waiting to happen. Pull the trigger Miss Katie.

iTunes Radio Is Coming


I fought Spotify for too long because I’m from Philadelphia and struggle with change. (ex: Action News, Jerry Blavat, Meat and Cheese)

But now I can safely say it’s the best ten bucks I spend each month. But in steps Apple, as they always do.

Along with announcement of the 5C, 5S, and a slew of other Battleship commands, comes an official date for iTunes Radio. Seemingly it’s much more Pandora than Spotify, but it will change the game for some. Mostly people who actually watch “Katie

In other news you could get a free Nirvana tattoo or teach your baby to DJ. There, that should keep the camel at bay.

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