Carly Rae Jepsen Renews The Great Debate…Best Disney Song EVER.


The Little Mermaid” is getting the DVD and Blue-ray treatment on October 1st. Flounder in crystal clear glory like Jesus intended. Finally, putting to rest the “erection vs. knee” debate that has raged for decades.

On it you will find Carly Rae Jepsen‘s version of “Part Of Your World“, which was released as a single this week in your friendly neighborhood iTunes store.

Jepsen does a pretty solid job…for a Canadian. But more importantly it opens up one of the most important conversations of our time. What is the greatest Disney song ever?

In a world filled with gadgets and gizmos aplenty, it’s easy to forget about some of the classics from our younger years. However the ’80s and ’90s yielded some of the greatest soundtrack songs of all time, many courtesy of Disney.

So let’s take a moment to examine the best of the best.

A couple of ground rules…

We’re talking about the late 80’s and the 90’s, because I’m 30…and it’s the Golden Era. Sorry Jiminy Cricket. Also, check your bro-ness at the door. If you’ve made it this far into the post, you dig Disney movies and, although it may conflict with your mesh-tank persona you should own it.


The top ten Disney movie songs of all time. (In my opinion…which is right)

10. “You’ll Be In My Heart” (Tarzan 1999)

9. “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” (Toy Story 1995)

8. “Be Our Guest” (Beauty And The Beast 1991)

7. “Colors Of The Wind” (Pocahontas 1995)

6. “”Can You Feel The Love Tonight” (The Lion King 1994)

5. “Beauty And The Beast” (Beauty And The Beat 1991)

4. “When She Loved Me” (Toy Story 2 1999)

3. “A Whole New World” (Aladdin 1992)

2. “Part Of Your World” (The Little Mermaid 1989)

1. “The Circle Of Life” (The Lion King 1994)

If you disagree then Hakuna Matata, but I stand by this list. I do welcome a healthy debate though. Let’s talk about it in a bar, or on the….what do you call it? Streeeeeeeeeet!

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