The Frank Ocean News Watch Never Stops


If you’re still picking sand out of personal places, or swimming in a sea of “Breaking Bad” recaps this afternoon, you might have missed all the Frank Ocean-ness that hit the interwebs last week into this past weekend.

Tomorrow the Earl Sweatshirt album drops, but many got to hear it in an early stream last week. On it, you’ll find a guest spot from Ocean, and he’s still not feeling “Breezy“.


This from Billboard.

“I mean he called me a faggot/I was just calling his bluff/ I mean how anal am I gonna be when I am aiming my gun?/ And why is his mug all bloody?/ That was a three-on-one/ A standing ovation at Staples/ I got my Grammys in gold,” he raps on “Sunday.”

Meanwhile, On the cooler side of the pillow…

John Mayer returned the favor from channel ORANGE, and won back some Katy-diminished cred, with a minute and a half of simplistic beauty.

Oh yeah, and this video surfaced this weekend. From their show in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah gave their spin on “Lost

And that’s your Frank Ocean news minute. And now…we wait.

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