The Week In Music: Ehh…


I try to write about music every week. It’s cathartic, gives me an excuse to sink in a little deeper, and I like to share. But this week we’re kind of stuck between a Miley and a Hard Place Kanye. This week rings a little hollow considering that we got the “song of the summer” last week and get the “hey lets talk about race” album next week.

There are a couple bright spots but nothing outstanding.

Jimmy Eat World – Damage

I remember falling in love with “Clarity” when I was in high school. I thought I was cooler than the room when I went back and found “Static Prevails“. In a landscape dotted with Blink 182 and Eminem, they were something special. They’ve grown, I’ve grown, and we are both a long way from listening to “The Middle” on Dave Eves porch.

Damage” is described as “an attempt at making an adult breakup record” by Jim Adkins. In that it succeeds I guess, however it still needs a few listens to permeate in any real way. It sounds like shades of the last couple albums, and a hint of The Replacements. None of that is bad, but I thought I was listening to the “adult breakup record” back in 1999?

The Goo Goo Dolls – Magnetic

If you listen closely enough you can hear a woman in Buffalo losing her mind! There’s a new Goo album out and it’s not bad. It’s pop, it’s friendly, it’s Goo. Good grief, I have zero edge.

Look, Johnny Rzeznick has awful hair but can write a tight song. These songs are all ready for the trailer to the next Kate Hudson “man I wish I had time for love, oh wait, it’s been right here it front of me the whole time” movie…but it’s still a good pop record. You still sing “Iris” in the car, whu not try this.

Listen with your mom or girlfriend who still owns her high school band instrument.

Oh Yeah And…

If you’re feeling the call to dance and “Daft Punk is OVER!” for you, then check out Jagwar Ma. Whether you like Surfer Blood or not, listen to “Demon Dance“.

While you are waiting for Yeezus, experience a little of the Kanye magic with this “samples” playlist. He’s a Wizard. Be kind to yourself and each other.

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