Metro And Gordon Do The Internet Episode 58: OOPS


We announced last week that “Metro And Gordon Do The Internet” would go on hiatus after the 60th episode, so it would seem that every one counts these days.

That’s why it’s tough to explain Episode 58.

I could tell you that somewhere out there on the internet it’s hidden…ya know…like an Easter Egg. Like, buried in the pages of HuffPo is the forgotten episode.

I could tell you that between Gordon and I, we have set up Outbreak-like camps to fight off the flu. There has been gallons upon gallons of Orange Juice consumed and enough Mucinex to kill a small pony. Therefore, we just couldn’t find the strength to produce an episode.

Or, I could tell you that we stand with our gay brothers and sisters and have withheld this week’s episode in support of marriage equality.

The truth is a bit of all three…but mostly we were sick. See you next week.

In the meantime…

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