The Week In Music: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Kasey Musgraves

I love New Music Tuesday. It’s like a weekly Bar Mitzvah for your ears.

This week Justin Timberlake took the spotlight, as he should. If you’re listening to it right there’s a chance you welcome a baby in December named JT.

But beyond The 20/20 Experience, there were two albums that struck me in very different ways.

First is the Kasey Musgraves album “Same Trailer Different Park“. She smokes pot, gets bored with guys, and may or not be kissing girls…all with a slide guitar. It’s fantastic! And believe it or not, very positive and empowering. She encourages to “Follow Your Arrow” past conformity and reminds you that you have to face adversity to find your “Silver Lining“. It’s fun, it’s different, and a worthwhile listen.

Meanwhile, if you’ve ever thought to yourself “man I love Ke$ha, I just wish she was skankier and more obscene”…then boy do I have a treat for you!

Tuesday also saw the release of a new album from Millionaires. They are sisters. They hurt my soul.

I hesitate to ever trash any artist. It takes talent, time, and dedication to make music. I will however quote some of their lyrics.

From the song “Kitty Go Hello“:

Party under the sheets, I make you beg
Never going to leave my king size bed
If you give me a treat, I’ll be your pet
You make my, you make my, you make my kitty go hello
I’ll be taking it off, you make me purr
Turn the temperature up, until we burn
We’ll be going all night and taking turns
You make my, you make my, you make my kitty go

Or from the poetic “Fuck Me Eyes“:

Fuck it, I won’t lie
I kinda wanna get laid tonight
Chin-chillin’ at the bar
See-through top with a neon bra
Grillin’, Mr. Right
Cute guy over there with the ‘fuck me’ eyes

Hey dirty boy you’re lookin’ hot hot hot
Let’s take a ride, I’ll take the top top top
Push up on me, I wanna touch your
It’s hot and heavy, let the beat just drop

So. The choice is yours. Feel free to press play on the video below, but know that it may cause herpes.

And that’s what happened this week in music.

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