What You Should Have Seen On SNL…


For many across the country, this Saturday night they learned that Macklemore And Ryan Lewis have other songs besides “Thrift Shop“. It’s a secret that some of us have been in on for a while now.

The two performed this weekend on SNL, complete with horns and an odd St. Peppers-inspired suit.

Macklemore first bounced around the stage to his massive “thrifty” hit, and used his 2nd performance spot to roll “Can’t Hold Us” out to the world.

The song is great, the album is great, but a real opportunity was missed on Saturday.

At the end of a week that saw the Obama administration joining the fight against banning Gay Marriage in California and even Clint Eastwood throwing his support behind the cause, it would have been great to have a nation buzzing about “Same Love” this morning.

“Same Love” is the supportive, impressive pro-equality song from the duo that’s not just extremely catchy, but also the most important hip hop song to come out in some time.

“Same Love was a song that I wanted to write for a long time but I didn’t know exactly how to address the issue. I knew I wanted to write a song about gay rights and homophobia within the hip-hop community and the world.” – Macklemore

Momentum is an amazing thing, and as the tide is turning on this it would have been a nice shot at the wall. A small gripe, but worth considering.

If you are not framiliar…enjoy and share.


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