Peeta Mellark…As Spider-Man?…What?…Heads Exploding!

Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson auditioned for The Amazing Spider-Man, and that noise you hear is the collective gasps of geeks and tweens around the district…nation, respectively for very different reasons.

There is some among the nerd set that might hate the cross-pollination of the two franchises. Hutcherson for them stands for silly teenage girl literature, not manly stuff…like pictures of men in tight-fitting costumes doing gymnastics.

And there are some in the Hunger Games clan that might love the idea of more Peeta in the world. Or, perhaps they would shutter at the idea of sharing him with the “picture book” community.

For me, having a foot firmly planted in both worlds, I would have loved it. I enjoy Andrew Garfield…but come on…it’s Peeta!

Anyway, here’s Hutcherson kicking ass as Peter Parker.

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