Metro And Gordon Do The Internet: 5th 5 Soundtrack

And now this enlightening email from John.

Dear Metro and Gordon,

I’ve given your show a chance. I tried listening on my phone over the weekend and I would like to report that I am officially dumber because of you both.

Now granted I didn’t make it through the whole thing but, from what I gather, when you’re not talking about manly things like Call Me Maybe and “wearing your shirt in the pool”, it’s usually about poop.

There’s a couple good songs on there, but sitting through your crap to get to it is like punching yourself in the face. Keep up the…work.


Thanks John. Love the feedback.

With that in mind, if you’re like John, at least you should check out the music from “Metro And Gordon Do The Internet” with the soundtrack to our last 5 Episodes. Check out the Spotify playlist HERE.

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